CRM: Know More. Sell More.

Manage interactions with current and future clients effortlessly.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool manages the prospect and customer information you’ve gathered from sales activities including quotes or sales.

Why is this important? Ask any professional marketer and they’ll tell you the same: the way to engage with customers is to see your business from their point of view – not yours. CRM then, is about more than just recording data, it’s a way of helping you focus on what your customers want.

The benefits of an integrated CRM solution.

When it comes to CRM, most businesses have separate systems in place: one for accounting and one to manage their CRM. Most of these CRM systems do similar things: campaign and workflow management, sales budgeting, and report on customer interactions in a simplified manner. This is all good, however if the data doesn’t filter through into the rest of your business, much of the benefit is lost.

In contrast, MYOB’s ERP solutions offer a fully integrated system. By integrating customer relationships with your business finance information, it becomes possible to measure the effectiveness of marketing and sales activities, and make for more productive sales and marketing efforts. This allows you to make better, more informed decisions in a customer focused direction. And best of all, because you only enter data once, there’s no duplication of effort – which greatly enhances efficiency throughout your entire business. Learn more about MYOB EXO CRM>

So if you really want to put your customer data to use, the answer is to have a single, integrated system that allows you to gather reliable intelligence on your business as a whole. A system that connects the dots between Finance, Job Costing, Fixed Assets, Inventory Control and CRM – which is exactly what MYOB ERP solutions do.

MYOB ERP solutions provide CRM along with all the capabilities you would expect of a mid-tier ERP solution. And as a MYOB Platinum Partner, and winner of the 2014 MYOB Partner of the Year Award, take confidence in knowing that Axsys is perfectly positioned to deliver, implement and support your ERP system, whether it be cloud-based like MYOB Advanced or on premise like MYOB EXO Business.

Eliminate inconsistencies and errors – Manage prospects and customer information from activities; tasks, emails and quotes, all the way through to sales. All in one system. All in one place. Find out how Nippy’s did just that, click the image>

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