Overcoming the Challenges of CRM.

Build, Maintain and Capitalise on Business Relationships

The financial heart of any business is the relationship between the organisation and its customers and clients. Mismanaging these relationships diminishes your ability to capitalise on existing and new business opportunities. Harness CRM’s power to track contacts, create more targeted marketing and sales initiatives and to increase relationships’ value.

Once upon a time, businesses used to be able to rely on long term relationships with their customers. These days, short term deals are the norm, and there’s no guarantee clients and customers will ever come back for more. With loyalty in many industries in tatters and margins tighter than ever, there’s never been a more important time to nurture customer relationships.

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Using a strategy to manage interactions with customers and prospects is nothing new. Many businesses have been doing it for years. But in most cases, the systems they use to keep track of customer data are cumbersome, rigid and highly dependent on manual input. When a business is doing well, dependency on manual input becomes increasingly riskier. The increased workload puts added pressure on staff who eventually start duplicating efforts, introducing errors. This means they spend more time on correcting errors than on the tasks that really need their attention.

Lastly, in the current tough economic climate we live in, where hiring is on hold and marketing budgets are all but used up, not being able to measure and value customer relationships accurately puts a serious barrier between you and your ability to generate revenue.

So what’s the secret? How do you find and win new clients, hold on to old ones – and even entice those who have gone elsewhere back into the fold? The answer is to ditch your time consuming manual processes in favour of an Enterprise Resource Planning solution with a dedicated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

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