Offroad Trucks Australia is Australasia’s sole importer of TATRA Trucks, and TATRA Spare Parts, from the Czech Republic. With branches across Australia, the need to keep track of their business saw them upgrade their business management system to MYOB Exo.


Offroad Trucks Australia

The Challenge

The right system needs the right support


When Offroad Trucks Australia were in the market for an ERP solution, they looked at several options. After careful deliberation, they decided on MYOB Exo. Amber Gaden, Administration Manager, says that big selling points included “the user-friendly interface and the separate job-costing module”.

But it’s what happened after the decision to go with Exo that confirms what so many Axsys customers report: it’s not enough just to have a good system.

“I still had faith in the program itself, but in hindsight, with the amount we spent on support and fix ups after implementing, we could have had a better outcome if we had selected the right partner in the beginning”.

The Solution

The Axsys Difference.

“Being able to drill down for more information means you can keep an eye on what’s going on across the business – without having to dig around to find what you’re looking for.”

After years of using Exo, Offroad Trucks Australia would often hear positives from others in their industry about MYOB Diamond Partner Axsys. This led them to switch their support over to Axsys. The majority of issues they had faced were configuration problems, which Axsys easily fixed. Their Exo system was also upgraded to the latest version to ensure they were utilising all the new features to help simplify their success.

Upon further inspection of their processes, Axsys also custom built an app that uses swipe cards to ensure employee billable time is properly tracked to ensure correct invoicing. Gaden explains, “Not all the time is billable, and that’s fine, but now at least we know where the time is spent”.


The Outcome

Improvements for today, compatibility for tomorrow.

As to the day-to-day use of the system, Gaden reports that she’s “very happy with the product overall”. When discussing being on the latest version of Exo, Gaden states, “the latest version is definitely the best – there are lots of new reports and they’re more user-friendly”.

Gaden concludes, “Axsys are fabulous… They’re very good at getting back to us within 24 hours for any of the more complex issues that they haven’t got an answer for on the spot”.

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“There were basic configuration problems in the system that were there from the outset that just shouldn’t have been there at all.”

Before Moving to Axsys:

  • A rushed implementation
  • Increasing charges for support and fixes
  • An outdated version of Exo
  • Lacked the ability to invoice correctly

After moving to Axsys:

  • An excellent level of support
  • Timely response times on all work carried out
  • Upgraded to the latest version of Exo
  • App created to track billable time correctly

Download the full case study

Download the full case study

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