Welcome to our new office

Our Hawthorn East office has relocated to Camberwell.

As you may have already seen across our social media pages, our Victorian office has relocated from Hawthorn East to Level 2, Camberwell Rd, Camberwelll. And while the new office isn’t too far from our old one, it’s a big change that marks a new chapter for Axsys.

We now have a modern, open plan office that provides the ideal space for us to move as a company forward. Our new office is a collaborative environment: helping us to work better as a team and ultimately improve our service to our clients.

We now have a lot more room, which was necessary since our team is continually expanding. Currently we have over 40 staff members and we anticipate this number to grow rapidly over the course of 2017 and beyond.


So what’s it like?

The building is centrally located in Camberwell and is a short walk from Camberwell Train Station. It benefits from fantastic public transport connections to the rest of Melbourne.

When it came to the design, we consulted with renowned office design company Contour Commercial Interiors to create a workspace to align with our vision—to be a business that puts the needs of our team and clients first.

The cutting-edge design is based around the concepts of collaboration, communication and flexibility. Hi-tech materials blend with natural ones to create a calm, aesthetically pleasing environment with a colour scheme inspired by our logo: blue and grey. In the photo’s you’ll also notice wood flooring, and different textures gently marking out spaces and areas in the office.

Naturally, technology is what connects the office together. We have a conference room connected with state-of-the-art technology, several offices for privacy, along with open, agile workspaces, and several large TV screens on the walls with the ability to connect our laptops to screens wirelessly, making sharing and presenting in meetings with clients and teams in other offices easier.

With a fresh contemporary look and feel, we’ve redesigned the concept of the traditional office to create an inviting space that offers a variety of flexible work options for our team. For those who prefer not to sit on a chair all day we have standing desks, which can be raised or lowered. We also have a communal lunch area and an open, spacious kitchen to house our endless supply of biscuits and warm beverages.

When it came to designing the kitchen, we wanted a place to bring people together. In a home the kitchen is often the heart. For our office, this is the case too. Whether for a morning coffee or tea, it’s a great relaxing space for team members to catch-up, bounce ideas or just have a casual chat.

You may also notice a plant or two in some of the photos – Did you know that having just one office plant reduces stress and noise, while increasing creativity and productivity? According to science it does

What does it mean for you?

With all this space, we also plan on hosting a few events at our new office in the near future, so stay on the lookout in your inbox. If you haven’t already subscribed to our newsletter, add your email to the signup form in our footer.

We recognise that our team is a crucial part of our success. That’s why it’s important for us to create and promote a fun and collaborative company culture and environment where the needs of our team are met, so they’re excited and inspired to come into work, and motivated to stay with us, because they know they’re appreciated.

Can you see yourself working here? If so, why not join our Melbourne team? We’ll be hiring over the course of the year so be sure to check out our Jobs Listings Page> We also post jobs regularly on our LinkedIn Page here>




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