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MYOB announces Advanced People

MYOB Advanced People is MYOB’s new cloud payroll product that can be used standalone, or in conjunction with MYOB Advanced Business. Built on the same platform as Advanced Business means that as a unified solution, Advanced People offers the ability to consolidate systems and processes into a single cloud based solution. This gives it a clear advantage over other products on the market.

Launched two years ago, MYOB Advanced Business has proven there’s “high demand in the marketplace for cloud-based ERP solutions,” according to MYOB general manager of operations and services Andrew Birch. This increase can be seen as a direct result of the broad range of benefits businesses who have moved to the cloud are already experiencing. MYOB New Zealand General Manager Carolyn Luey states,

advanced people

“…research shows that once a company is using a cloud solution, use of the enterprise resource planning system by employees rises from just over half to almost two-thirds – delivering enormous gains in efficiency and productivity.”

Advanced People allows the user to configure employees with a wide variety of pay items, including multiple wage types and hourly rates. The system is designed to make paying staff easy and provides the ability to automatically proportion item to a pay period. Employers can track and calculate leave entitlements including Annual, Sick & Alternative, Shift Leave, Parental Leave, Personal Leave and Long Service.

Accessible from any internet-enabled device, the user simply has to connect online to start enjoying all the features and benefits of Advanced People, such as enhanced reporting, available in real time, remote access for accountants and advisors, the ability to track, audit company files and more.

One of the first businesses to implement Advanced People was telecommunications equipment supplier Codecom. when discussing their experience with Advanced People, sales director Andrew Purcell states, “When we implemented MYOB Advanced People, we immediately noticed improvements and efficiencies in business workflow. The biggest appeal however was its full integration; we didn’t have to change between programs or databases and that enabled us to provide fast and nimble service to our customers”.

He continues, “We really believe in investing in automation, and MYOB has tailored the product to suit our business needs so that I can focus less on manual tasks and more on the growth and success of my business through customer satisfaction”, concluding that his company’s decision to implement MYOB Advanced People reflects its focus on leveraging the innovation and growth that MYOB has invested into its enterprise solutions.

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