MYOB Exo Business

Version 2018.2 Released

We are happy to announce that the latest release of MYOB Exo Business, version 2018.2, has officially been released: but what’s new? And perhaps more importantly, how can it help further simplify your success?

What’s new in this release?

The 2018.2 release addresses a large number of prioritised requests spread across the entire product suite. The most extensive area of change is the redevelopment of the stock movements entry screen to improve the experience and allow much more flexibility. A key feature is the ability to handle batches of transactions from an external source such as spreadsheets or formatted text files simply dragging and dropping will validate the file and allow you to correct errors on the fly before submitting the transactions. It also incorporates much more effective Average Cost revaluation functionality.

New Stock Movements Window

This release adds a new Stock Movements window, which includes the ability to import stock movements into the system in bulk.

Adjusting Average Costs

Average cost adjustments are now performed by the new AdjustAverageCost stored procedure. This function can now be customised if necessary, or run directly from SQL Server.

Geolocation Features in Exo Job Costing

This release adds the ability to retrieve geolocation information for a job address, which can be different from the address of the Debtor associated with the job.

Prospects Custom Filter

This release adds a new User-level profile setting: Prospects Custom Filter SQL. This allows prospects (Non Accounts) to be
pre-filtered on Company and Opportunity search windows.

Interface Updates

This release includes updates to the Exo Business user interface to improve workflows and make the system easier to use.

For Full Details:

For more information on this release and how you can upgrade, emailĀ or call our support team on 1300 553 228.