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Version 2018.1 Released

The 2018.1 release is essentially a service pack release that delivers a number of partner prioritised enhancements across the Exo Business system that are designed to improve the usability and performance of your system. These include interface updates that make the system easier to use, updates to various Clarity reports and fixes to issues identified in previous releases.

Interface Updates

This release includes updates to the Exo Business user interface to make information more accessible and make the system easier to use.

New Tax Locality Address Field for ATO Taxable Payments:

When submitting the Taxable Payment Annual Report (TPAR) to the ATO using Standard Business Reporting, Creditor addresses must be formatted according to the ATO’s specifications. The Purpose property of Display Names is used to determine which address field maps to which field in the TPAR. However, the format requires a “Locality” field, which does not always map conveniently to a meaningful Creditor address field.

This release adds a TAX_LOCALITY field to the CR_ACCS table, which is assigned the “Locality” purpose—this field can be used to store a Locality for each Creditor. The field does not appear in the Exo Business user interface by default, but it can be exposed as an Extra Field.

When retrieving geolocation information for a Creditor, the TAX_LOCALITY field is automatically populated with the “Neighbourhood” information from the geolocation data.

Performance Improvements:

This release includes improvements to system performance that significantly speed up the operation of the Post Ledgers to GL function. There is no change in functionality.

Report Updates:

As part of an ongoing commitment to improve the reporting experience. Several standard reports have been modified or re-written in this release to take advantage of new report writer features added during 2017.

• CRTAgedBalsRetro.CLR – Creditors Ageing Summary (Retrospective)
• CRTpayables.CLR – Creditors’ Payables
• DRTAgedBalsRetro.CLR – Debtors Ageing Summary (Retrospective)
• GLMDetailbyBranch.CLR – General Ledger Detail by Branch
• GLMovement.CLR – General Ledger (Detail)
• GLMovement_Bal.CLR – General Ledger Movement Report for B/S Accounts
• GLMovement_PL.CLR – General Ledger Movement Report for P & L Accounts
• GLMTrialBal.CLR – General Ledger Trial Balance
• GLTBatchList.CLR – General Ledger Transaction List by Batch
• TAXbyRateType.CLR – GST report grouped by rate type (Invoice Basis)
• TXTaxRateList.CLR – Tax Rates Listing

Report updates include simplification to remove excessive sub-reports, more parameters and sensible parameter defaults, the addition of alternate row highlighting to improve their readability and changes to improving the reports’ ability to export to XLSX.

Clarity Report Widget Scrolling:

When a Clarity reports displayed as a dashboard widget now allow scrolling using the mouse wheel as they do in the Clarity preview screen. It could not be scrolled using the mouse scroll wheel.   Next release will bring more features and alignment between the Clarity report preview window and Clarity Report widgets.

For Full Details:

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