MYOB Advanced

MYOB Advanced People

Set in the cloud, MYOB Advanced People is a modern Payroll and HR Management Solution. Working as either an integrated solution with MYOB Advanced, or sitting as a standalone product, MYOB Advanced People is the definitive option for forward-thinking Australian businesses.

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Cloud payroll for bigger business

MYOB Advanced is a cloud business management platform transforming the way Australian businesses work. At the core are two product suites: Advanced Business and Advanced People.

Combine them for an integrated ERP and payroll solution where information flows between functions, reducing duplication of effort, manual data entry and provides real-time business insights – taking business productivity to the next level.

Transform the way you work:

Enjoy enhanced reporting, available in real time. A breeze to set up. Even easier to customise to meet the unique needs of your business and staff. Accessible from anywhere, anytime, on any internet-enabled device.

Simply connect online and you’re good to go. Features remote access for accountants and advisors, all while keeping your business secure – allowing you to track, audit company files and more.

The MYOB Advanced platform

MYOB Advaced Business and MYOB Advanced People are two separate, standalone solutions. But they can be implemented as a single, unified platform, so you get even more power and functionality when you use them together.

Powerful payroll management

Advanced People lets you configure employees with a wide variety of pay items, including multiple wage types and hourly rates. The system is designed to make paying staff easy and provides the ability to automatically proportion item to a pay period. Employers can track and calculate leave entitlements including Annual, Sick & Alternative, Shift Leave, Parental Leave, Personal Leave and Long Service.

Payroll administrators can have greater control by automating workflows, generating GL journals and payment batch files. Advanced People processes a wide variety of employee pay frequencies including weekly, fortnightly and monthly pays. It also allows for the simultaneous processing of multiple pay runs at once.

Distribution of employee payslips has never been easier. With Advanced People, you can print, email or host employee payslips
via an employee portal.

Features and benefits

+ Enhanced reporting, GL journals, transaction history, audit tracking and more.

+ Powerful configuration options catering to many employee scenarios.

+ Completely secure and can be accessed from anywhere via a browser.

+ Can operate as a standalone payroll solution or fully integrated with all Advanced Business (ERP) editions.

+ Contemporary fully-featured cloud payroll solution.

+ Perfect for leading edge businesses wanting to reap all the benefits of working in the cloud.

+ Online tax engine provides peace of mind, as MYOB ensures you always use the latest rates.

+ Pay and entitlement history recorded and easily accessible.

Payroll Compliance made easy

Advanced People manages tax and compliance updates with minimum fuss thanks to a dynamic online tax engine that MYOB manages to ensure you’re always using the latest rates.

Superior payroll reporting

Key reporting needs are provided by in-form views, removing the need to print and read reports. Information can be further analysed through one touch exporting of data to Microsoft Excel.

Reduced data entry

Advanced People can fully integrate with all editions of Advanced Business (ERP). This yields real-time benefits – including enhanced reporting, full GL data transfer, transaction history and audit tracking.

Straightforward monthly pricing

The MYOB Advanced platform is available for a convenient monthly payment. This makes it easier to plan and manage your business expenses throughout the year.

Flexibility to change with you

Create, edit and share policy and procedure manuals, manage a knowledge base and create news and announcements using the integrated business wiki. You can also control, share and work on your business’s frequently updated documents.

Best in-class security

The MYOB Advanced suite is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is considered as one of the world’s leading cloud IT infrastructure providers who provide a high performing, robust and secure application set to make clients’ business life easier.

Need more features?

MYOB has a range of enterprise solutions for bigger businesses available. To further discuss how a MYOB Advanced People in conjunction with an MYOB Advanced could dramatically improve your business, please fill out the contact form and one of our team will get back to you.

Alternatively, feel free to call our team on 1300 553 228.