Sync MYOB Advanced and eCommerce

With Kensium you can maximise your eCommerce activities by connecting your store to your ERP system. Create a single source of truth to manage inventory, fulfilment, CRM, financials, and more from a comprehensive management platform.

Connect Magento and MYOB Advanced

Kensium Solutions offers a connector that links your Magento eCommerce platform with your MYOB Advanced solution. Aligning Magento and MYOB Advanced allows your eCommerce website to leverage existing customers, products, inventories, sales, and shipping data stored within MYOB Advanced.

This facilitates seamless communication of product, customer, and fulfillment data. When information is entered into one platform (Magento or MYOB Advanced), the two-way sync automatically populates fields in both systems, eliminating the need for duplicate entries.

Your online business is in good hands with Magento

Your online orders can clog up productivity if you are forced to duplicate efforts to keep your information accurate between your eCommerce and fulfilment systems. Magento Connector can solve this by maintaining consistent data between Magento and MYOB Advanced, keeping both the systems in sync.

Link MYOB Advanced and Shopify

Connect your Shopify store with MYOB Advanced to manage and view your eCommerce operations from a single business management platform. The Shopify connector creates a seamless two-way data sync, allowing data input on one system and populating the other.

The Shopify Connector allows you to take advantage of untapped data that already lives in your eCommerce system. Unleash the actionable insights contained in this information and make profitable decisions related to customers, products, inventory, sales and shipping.

Increase ROI

Create an environment where mundane processes are automated and workers spend time performing the tasks that are cost effective for your business.

Utilise efficient workflows and produce more quality outputs. Use automated technology to increase productivity and deliver the best value to customers.

Drive value through operational efficiency. Increased productivity allows you to extend cutoff times to process and ship customer orders later in the day.

Include more items in your daily shipments to reduce the amount of batches you ship. Grouping more orders in your shipments incurs fewer costs.

Increase Confidence

Know how much inventory is on hand and how much you’ll need to match future demand. Automate replenishment and include suppliers on your licence.

Utilise a suite of customizable reporting tools to generate the information you need to make
decisions. Draw data from multiple sources to yield actionable insights.

Funnel all your back-end eCommerce interactions into a single, streamlined data source. Link systems and customise workflows to maximise efficiency.

Replace wasteful, redundant processes with automation to achieve operational efficiency. Optimise processes to get the most out of your existing resources.

Product Configurator for MYOB Advanced

Your customers want to choose the features that work best for them when they buy your products. Every customer is in a unique situation and has specific needs. With Product Configurator for MYOB Advanced your platforms and products can create a positive customer experience which translates into seamless order entry and inventory management process in your ERP.

The best eCommerce platforms available handle the complexities associated with different products. When linked with Magento, the Kensium Product Configurator provides complete functionality for the following product types:

These products have attributes such as size, color, and style. Each of the possible variations are separate items with different SKUs, which are entered as a single product in MYOB Advanced. Order entry, invoicing, and inventory all handle the product as a single item throughout the selling process.

These products allow the buyer to select from a series of product options to assemble an entire final product. Options can be configured to be contingent on selections in previous steps of the purchasing process. Product Configurator allows you to determine options presented to customers during the sale.

Intangible products used electronically – i.e. e-books, music, video, and any other product a customer is able to download immediately following purchase.

Like downloadable products but there is no direct use the buyer gets from it – i.e. a warranty agreement or a subscription.

Also known as ensemble products, this category refers to products grouped as a single unit for the purpose of the sale.

Kensium and MYOB Advanced: The Perfect Connection

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